Worst Mistakes in UX

There are many ways that a product can cause confusion, irritation or even injury. Here are a few examples. My belief is that sometimes we can learn how to make better products by learning from the mistakes of others.

An article on the difference between complexity & simplicity. the choice to go ‘simple’ is not always so… Simple.


We have all seen bad websites. I would challenge you to find worse than these.

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

OK, I guess there ARE worse web pages.


Those of us who actually test the usability of software, websites and products have plenty of experience with bad decisions. Hopefully our work saves the general public from the worst of it.

Usability Horror Stories

The movies splash these interactions on the screen and, unfortunately, inspire designers to head down horrible usability paths. Please take note that just because your favorite action hero can do it…Doesn’t mean Joe Consumer really needs that UI. I’m looking at you, Microsoft!

Hollywood UI Bloopers

Really? Who is your intended audience?

Confusing Titles

Let the free market run with it.

Product FAILS

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