Website Improvements

I have made a few improvements to the site including:

  • Replacing the Home page with the latest blog post summaries – I figured it would be more interesting than having visitors see the same ‘About Us‘ message every time they came to the front page. I mean, its really exciting to read about my company’s philosophy on usability…But I realize that reading it every time you come to the site can get old. You’re welcome.
  • Reformatted the site for mobile visitors – The site now detects if visitors are using mobile browsers/devices and reformats the pages optimized for each type of device. I heard from many visitors that they were having trouble and I realize I upload lots of images and media and it can be hard on those with limited data plans. I hope the change increases my mobile visitor percentages.
  • I have approved quite a few more comments – Hey, lets have a conversation!
  • I am inserting Tweet buttons on some posts – Visitors can tweet certain posts easier (try it, let me know what you think)
  • I added customer reviews and recommendations – I wanted to let others know that my services are appreciated by all those I work with.

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