The Future of Education

In the world that I picture, education will be a priority again. Not sports stars and pop stars, or wars. Instead, we will focus our energies on our childrens’ learning. We have all this amazing technology and as far as I can tell, the kids are the ones who really know how to use it and be creative with it. I picture a world where the immersive games, virtual reality and instantaneous social networking that we have with computers and the Internet are used to make learning not about rote memorization, or book reports but that children are creating whole worlds and developing their own virtual biomes that teach them about complex interactions, nurturing and a wealth of other difficult moral lessons along with facts and statistics. If you think I am just dreaming, I would tell you that these ideas are not new, nor are they very far away, I am anticipating a big jump forward with the release of SPORE. The inventor, Will Wright, has created many wonderful games including the SIMS series. He did a talk years ago at TED where he discussed his ideas about how this game would be used and how it reflects the wants, dreams and thoughts of the user. I am not alone. Please let us know what your thoughts are.

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