iPhone & iPad Development Kits GUI Resources

These GUIs are provided from a multitude of sites, including SmashingMagazine, SpeckyBoy, Yahoo Design Library, Freshbooks and others. Please note that they are provided for free, but donations are appreciated to keep the innovation coming and reward those who worked hard to make them available.

I have had great success with the Omnigraffle Ultimate iPhone stencil and am particularly excited to use the iPhone 3  stencils.

To help streamline your iPhone app design and development, here is  a fairly comprehensive collection of iPhone & iPad GUI kits that will allow you to focus on developing rather than having to design everything from scratch.
Within this post you will find complete GUI kits and stencils, iPhone GUI elements and PSDs and finally a collection of the best icon-sets perfectly suited for the iPhone. (Some of the preview images are intentionally to large to show the as much of each GUI as possible).

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Usability, Design and User Interface Feed

A real time feed about usability and Interaction Design discussions resulting from Twitter, Facebook, IxDA, Usability Professionals Association, Professional Online magazines and other sources from around the web.


Educational Technology Twitter Feed

I am creating several RSS, social network and Twitter feeds for Achieve Kids. I thought this was a particularly interesting result.

I funneled it through Yahoo Pipes, which I am finding to be particularly useful when merging several search parameters into one feed.