3D Superbowl XLIII

superbowl xliii

There are alot of tech-heavy inventions that are just for this year’s Superbowl and Endgadget has a whole list of them. While these are great, I find myself most interested in how the 3D technology I saw at CES this year will be utilized and advertised to the masses.

It seems that Dreamworks will be doing the first network TV 3D commercial for their upcoming Monsters vs Aliens movie (trailer). This will require that you have the 3D glasses (available at most grocery stores and other outlets).

While this is ‘neat’ I was really hoping that we would be able to see the game in 3D without glasses, as was shown by Fox at CES this year. They even have newer technology as shown by Mitsubishi.

While I am sure that there will be some improvement over the old cyan style glasses of the past, I am afraid that Joe public will find the experience to be kitschy and unimpressive. When spending millions of dollars on an advertisement that will be seem by hundreds of millions of people around the world, why not go all out with the best technology available? I mean, I understand that they had a tough time even selling all the ad time for the Superbowl (for the first time in history- Recession, anyone?) Isn’t that even more of a reason to really try to get people’s attention?