Best of CES 2009

best of CES

While Innovations (for whom I was a judge) has their choices of the ‘Best of CES 2009’ I have my own choices that may or may not agree with them. they are my personal biases about what will be most useful and/or fun for me to use.

I was able to meet quite a few of the designers and talk about the developments they have been working on as well as what will be coming over the coming year.

Great HD technologies for 2009, including thin, thin thin TVs, wireless HD streaming to every monitor in your house, integrated blue-ray players, faster refresh rates and better standards for the larger screens (33″ and up).

NVidia’s 3D glasses and Fox’s Digital 3D transmission of the Florida Oklahoma football game. These technologies are going to bring 3D as a reality to people’s homes very soon. Playing video games with the NVidia’s goggles was quite an experience.

1 or 2 terabyte micro SD card from, who else? SanDisk. Remember when it was a big deal to have 128 MEGABYTES in yor whole computer? (Commodore 64….anyone? am I too old to report on these things?)

Suffice it to say that with all the talk of there not being as many people or exhibitors at this conference, there were plenty of exciting concepts and products to keep the average consumer drooling for the next year and beyond.

Now take those proof of concepts and make it available and affordable.

Blackberry Storm New Update

blackberry storm

As Verizon gets ready to release the Storm in its stores here in the U.S., the hype on the net is reaching fever pitch.

They have a new flash presentation that details its specs and capabilities up:

Storm Presentation

There are blogs-A-plenty comparing the Storm with the iPhone (looks like the Storm is winning)


I have been really excited about these releases (Android, iPhone 3G, Storm). Since I have had good service from Verizon over the last 6 years, I was thinking that now that my contract is up I still want to stay with them. All it would take would be to feel that they have a phone that will serve me well in the coming two years while my business is really taking off.

I figured with the merging of smart phone/enterprise features of the Blackberry line and the “Gee Whiz” factor of touchscreens and entertainment , that the Storm would be a slam-dunk for me.

There is just one pesky doubt in my mind. The Storm does not allow for Wi-Fi connectivity. With all the other features it sports, I had hoped that they would include this low cost alternative to the 3G data option.

With my iPod Touch, I am constantly using the Wi-Fi option and living in the Bay Area, I can’t go more than a couple miles without finding a hot spot.

Am I just being too demanding? Am I being a difficult customer?

Blackberry Storm

blackberry storm

Obviously, the big headline Tuesday was the official unveiling of the T-Mobile G1, but turns out my own wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, has a little something up their sleeve. Here are some details about the smartphone.

First, the BlackBerry Storm will feature a 3.25-inch, 480×360 touch screen, which is better than the BlackBerry Bold’s and it will offer tactile feedback and auto rotation. For text entry, you will have the option of a virtual full QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and a SureType keyboard in portrait mode.

The handset will also be one of the most connected phones with CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, quad-band GSM/EDGE, and 2100MHz HSPA support. Standalone and assisted GPS is reported to be onboard. There will be 1GB of internal memory with a microSD expansion slot; reportedly, a 8GB microSD card will come in the box.

The Storm will also include full HTML browsing with support for attachment downloads and video streaming; a 3.2-megapixel camera with video recording, auto-focus, flash, and zoom; built-in instant messaging clients (Yahoo, Windows Live, Google, and AOL; visual voicemail; and support for V Cast and VZ Navigator

If this delivers, it may be just what I was looking for; all the enterprise compatibility of the Blackberry line to handle my business needs, along with the excitement, fun and sexiness of the touch UI.

Great New iPhone Application

iphone face

Last night I downloaded Avatron’s Air Sharing application. Although the software will eventually sell for $7, they’re offering it for free for the next couple of weeks. Air Sharing allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer. It made me giggle and smile when I turned it on and it literally did all the work for me. Totally seamless working with my macbook, and only a little fiddling to get it work on my XP desktop.

Wireless sharing is the wave of the future. I highly recommend downloading it while it is still free.