Aptana Open Source Developer

I have been researching different open source programs that I can develop different projects on. I decided to download Aptana and have enjoyed the interface which seemed intuitive to me.

I am redesigning the main index page for Citrus 7 to highlight my Instructional Design work and place more of the portfolio in place with some .swf files I am creating in Flex2.

I am not really interested in becoming a designer ‘per se’ nor do I want to be a programmer of applications… but there is a crossover area of user interface/instructional design/web design that I feel is being addressed by these IDE/SDK solutions. I’m pretty excited about the ability to develop, research and continue to push the projects forward using the same files, definitions and suites.

Adobe Offers Flex2 to Educators for Free

I was invited to a user’s group at Adobe last night. They served us beer, sandwiches, pizza, etc.. Then we were wowed by a discussion of the new products coming out, including Flex3, AIR, CS3, Thermo and others. These are generally development tools for applications, websites, and project management.

I hope to be a part of how these exciting products are developed, deployed and re-designed.

In preparation for the conference, I had downloaded Flex2 to mess around with. I was intrigued by the notice that it was free ($499 value) to educators. For those that qualify (teachers/staff) you can apply at the Adobe site.

A detailed article is at Campus Technology