Usability of iPad

Jakob Nielsen has run some usability testing on the iPad.  His findings are reminiscent of usability issues uncovered in the early 90’s, such as:

  • Which items are clickable is not clear
  • Inconsistent behavior of different applications make learning difficult
  • The interface is a ‘scaled up’ version of the iPhone and people forget about the tab at the bottom of the screen so they don’t use it
  • People want more choices than simply wiping the screen to go to the next page when reading
  • Screen elements are sometimes too small for people to touch and use

Nielsen’s summary reads:

“iPad apps are inconsistent and have low feature discoverability, with frequent user errors due to accidental gestures. An overly strong print metaphor and weird interaction styles cause further usability problems.”

Nielsen’s article on

Usability of iPad and Websites PDF (free download)

Reviewing a Website

As usability consultants, we are often asked to look at websites and give our ‘opinion’. It is important that we keep the most important factors in mind when looking at a website from the outside when WE are the users. A great article about reviewing websites on UX Matters.