Virtual Game Study Proves Theory on How Humans Interact

I found an article discussing a study analyzing interactions between players in a virtual universe game has for the first time provided large-scale evidence to prove an 80 year old psychological theory called Structural Balance Theory. The research, published today in PNAS, shows that individuals tend to avoid stress-causing relationships when they develop a society, resulting in more stable social networks.

virtual identity

I’ve been trying to figure out ways that I can simplify my online persona. One way is to create a mEgo that will update no matter where it has been linked. I tried this out and thought I would put a link here. We’ll see if it works out.
In the past, what I find is that something that is purported to make my like easier, in fact, complicates things.
Check it out for yourself and tell me what YOU think.

Organizing your files and virtual findability

There are many ways people organize their desktops and files, but it is also a matter of how we then retrieve our data. This article shows several new technologies that could help us not be so scattered and be more productive.

The Mobile Youth

It almost seems quaint to read the article from 2007 talking about how tweeners were using mobile phones so much.

Now we see 3 & 4 year oldsĀ  on the phone and gradeschoolers texting and living a mobile virtual life.

This is a great article about exactly what Ishak and I were talking about the other night. The world is changing and the youth are leading the way. It is up to engineers, inventors and the teachers of the world to make it happen in a socially positive way.