The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools

If your geeking out extends from the workbench to the kitchen counter, you’ll love this swanky infographic detailing the families of utensils in your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

The poster showcases everything from scissors to strainers in a retro-style poster. If you can find a culinary tool in your kitchen that isn’t on the chart then you’re obviously a culinary wizard of the highest order. You can hit up the link below to check out the poster in full-size and downloadable glory or head over to the design company that created it here (and pre-order a printed copy for your kitchen).

A Complete Guide to Your Kitchen Tools [Fast Co. Design via Design Sponge]

originally posted on How To Geek.

Adobe Offers Flex2 to Educators for Free

I was invited to a user’s group at Adobe last night. They served us beer, sandwiches, pizza, etc.. Then we were wowed by a discussion of the new products coming out, including Flex3, AIR, CS3, Thermo and others. These are generally development tools for applications, websites, and project management.

I hope to be a part of how these exciting products are developed, deployed and re-designed.

In preparation for the conference, I had downloaded Flex2 to mess around with. I was intrigued by the notice that it was free ($499 value) to educators. For those that qualify (teachers/staff) you can apply at the Adobe site.

A detailed article is at Campus Technology