August browser stats: Safari dominates mobile browsing

The browser stats posts ARS normally make have been rather complicated this month by a radical change from the company that provides the data they use (Net Market Share).

The new data reveals Safari\’s dominance of mobile browsing and Android\’s surprisingly poor performance in that same market.

via August browser stats: Safari dominates mobile browsing.

Here are some of hte Infographics from the site.

Mobile Browsers August 2011

Google Plus Adds Games

A bit less intrusive than the Facebook gaming as I hope not to get constant Farmville updates in my stream. Google+ Games

These will be available above your stream and you can choose to share scores and only see news when you choose to, vs having to view what others are playing every time you log in.

Android Outsold other Mobile OS in 2010

image from CNet.

Android powered phones were 32% of the market from January through August 2010.  Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry’s RIM platform were virtually tied for second with 25 percent and 26 percent, respectively.

Article from SF Post

Organizing your files and virtual findability

There are many ways people organize their desktops and files, but it is also a matter of how we then retrieve our data. This article shows several new technologies that could help us not be so scattered and be more productive.