iOS5 Finally Provides What Android Owners Already Have

After the release of iOS5, I am actually interested in having an iPhone again. I have been very happy with my DroidX this last year and went with Android because I felt it provided more features and cloud services than the iPhone offered (plus the availability of rooting which has provided me hours of geek out play!)

LifeHacker has an article showing how we in the Android world have had the best features of iOS5 already on our phones and how to get them.

That being said, Siri, the contextual interactive voice feature on the new iPhone 4S, looks pretty amazing and I really want to play with it.

Additionally, here is a news story about 6 free Android apps that are iOS5 alternatives. Did I mention they were free?



Get Nexus S 4G Swype Version on any Rooted Phone

I have always been a fan of Swype, but here I was thinking that they were providing a much better software and only for the Nexus. It’s really awesome. In addition to the super-fast gesture-based typing method, this Nexus version has quick swiping shortcuts for: select all, copy, cut, paste, and can also send text to other apps like Twitter and Google Maps.

Now if you already have the beta installed on your phone, you will need to wipe it first. Check out the video of it in action after the break. Continue reading

Cyanogen Mod 7 for Droid X in Beta

For those who are aware of the Rooting community on Android, you know that the CyanogenMod ROMs tend to be some of the best. Unfortunately, due to the locked bootloaders (which means you can’t change the KERNEL .. which means you’re limited to customization to the phone) in the Motorola phones, we have not had the pleasure of Cyanogen modifications for the Droid X….Until now.

As of 2 days ago, there is a Beta out for CM7 for the Droid X.

Additionally, P3Droid using the software from Team Black Hat have created a simple one-step process for loading CM7 onto your phone that includes the sbf process (sbf tutorial) as well. This means that regardless of your custom ROM, kernel or version, you can install this.

I have really found DMX’s videos about customizing the Droid X to be useful and he goes over CM7 installation here:

Jailbreaking My Apple TV 2Gen

What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward task has turned out to be a comedy of errors and alot of frustration.

I have tried using Greenpois0n RC6, pwnage, & seas0nPass. I had issues with all of them and never got farther than a tethered boot with seas0nPass that gave me a blank screen. I was able to restore the ATV2 to factory settings so that is good. Continue reading