How to Become Better at Your Profession

Some ideas on professional development, learning and growing within your area of expertise, or even expanding your horizons to include those skills that are associated with your field.

This list was taken from an article on UX Matters about Career Alternatives to Management

These are generally good for all professions, but are applied here to the UX field.

  • read—Create a routine for reading that ensures you keep up on the latest industry knowledge.
  • follow—Use tools like Twitter and discussion lists, which are handy for following people with UX knowledge.
  • network—Connect with the UX community.
  • debate—Engage in spirited discussions—not for the sake of debating, but to see whether there are better ways of doing something.
  • contribute—Write articles, submit papers to UX conferences, and present your ideas. Put yourself out there and test your own thinking.
  • meet—Take the time to meet fellow practitioners.
  • lead—Facilitate a workshop, walk through a design, moderate user research, or find your own way of taking ownership of a piece of something.
  • interview—Get out of your comfort zone and interview for a challenging job—you may learn something along the way.
  • be open—Always be open to other roles you might be able to play. Don’t confine yourself to one UX specialty, skill, or discipline.