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Not only is this a great article that reveals the pitfalls of the Republican ticket, but Frank Rich also gives Obama great advice about how to proceed in this race without resorting to the low-hanging fruit that Palin and her lack of qualifications provides. Original Article By FRANK RICH Published: September 13, 2008 WITH all […]

I am concerned about the choices our country is making over the last 8 years and I do not see good choices being made now. I would not normally be concerned about the vice presidential candidate, but McCain is the oldest presidential candidate EVER. The actuary tables and just plain common sense says that he […]

I received a letter from the DMV a week ago stating that my license was suspended in the state of Vermont. I then embarked on a journey of discovery in idiocy. I have called the DMV in Vermont and in California. Additionally I was referred to something called the Driver Improvement department in Vermont as […]


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If you enjoy this video, then thank me for bringing it to your attention. If you are annoyed and find yourself rolling your eyes, then blame my friend, Paul. Regardless, we need a President who can dance. His singing needs some help, though.

Here I was, thinking that the city of Oakland has been doing a great job ‘cleaning up the streets’ and improving our quality of life. This most recent gang sting, ‘Operation Nutcracker’ is now muddled by corruption. Not on the streets, or in big business, but in the police, city hall and even the mayor’s […]