Moroccan Universite Website is Gone

The original Morocco Web Design Page used to be found at:

Like many other of Yahoo’s ventures, it didn’t work out.

I was pretty proud of the website when it was first created in 1999 by myself and my Ibn Zohr Agadir University Students. I had just learned how to use Macromedia‘s DreamWeaver 4 and was pretty excited to share it with my students.

It was an opportunity to lead a team of 60 people all designing their own websites. It was the 90’s and flashing text, moving backgrounds, tables, tables, tables. What a mess the resulting cacophony of pages ended up being. It was the epitome of what led to the dreaded homepage. Think MySpace, only with worse technology, speed and restraint.

I feel that the experience gave me insight into what I do today.

Morocco Website Redesign page

As a self-assigned project between contracts, I redesigned one of my original web pages that was a host for all of my Moroccan students’ web pages.

The original site was hand coded in Dreamweaver 4 and was definitely a product of those early days of the web (90-95).

Here are the latest mock ups of the Morocco Web Design pages. let me know if the information is not clear about what changes were made most recently.