Delete MySpace Account Day

Apparently today is the day to delete your MySpace account if you are fed up.

Here is the original BLOG that came up with the idea.

There is also a story on

For those of you on Facebook, there is a group dedicated to a mass deletion.

I don’t know that I am going to join them…but I do hope that MySpace joins the open source community in response to the outrage. There are quite a few glitches and a heck of alot of spam that comes through the site.

I think that the biggest draw that keeps my friends and I at MySpace is that it is easier to post music there. Facebook has had the open application development for a while now…and nobody has created an app that really comes close to what the band pages on MySpace do.

Get on it, you developers out there!

There is a news story today that they will be more ‘Facebook-like’ by allowing outside agents to submit applications next week.

Let the world know what you think.