Professional Development & Networking

I went to a professional gathering tonight at Bolt Peters for the IxDA SF group. The discussion was Designing Communities of Care Strategic Social Interaction Design in Healthcare

While the talk by Will Evans, Director, Experience Design for Semantic Foundry, was interesting… My interest was also about networking with others in the industry.

As a contractor, I am always interviewing, talking with people and searching for interesting projects to work on.

Sometimes opportunities present themselves in places and in people when you least expect it.

virtual identity

I’ve been trying to figure out ways that I can simplify my online persona. One way is to create a mEgo that will update no matter where it has been linked. I tried this out and thought I would put a link here. We’ll see if it works out.
In the past, what I find is that something that is purported to make my like easier, in fact, complicates things.
Check it out for yourself and tell me what YOU think.