Comcast Cable Internet Counter Offers

We just had AT&T install a DSL node 1 block from our place and now we were trying to figure out what (if any) services we would continue to get from Comcast.

It looked like we were going to make the change and get rid of our basic 33 channels of TV and get the way cheaper DSL (from $71.37 down to $30). Then I called Comcast to see whether they had a better deal that I could stay on with.

Once I spoke to the operator there, I decided to stay with Comcast.

I asked the rep if there was anything cheaper than what they were charging me to get basic cable and internet. He did some hemming and hawing that the $71.95 we paid was the best deal they could offer, I told them that I was going to switch to AT&T…He paused and then,

Well, we have this deal right now where you can get basic cable and internet for $55 a month for a year

“And do I have to sign some contract?” I asked.

No, you can opt out any time, no restrictions.

So I took it and doubt I’ll go through the trouble for the last $20 a month to switch to a lower grade of service (DSL is slower..We all know it can’t reach the speeds of cable. Even if it is fast enough for turtles). Plus I would kinda miss The Discovery channel and I don’t think my wife would really be OK with not having her food network channel. Actually, I think Alton Brown is hilarious and would miss it too.

Generally we try not to watch too much TV. But I digress…

Lets not let these monopolies continue to gouge the customer. They hide these deals and don’t tell people about them unless they have to. One of the best ways to make sure you are getting the best deals is still to talk to people face to face.

Human relationships are still not really possible through the internet or the web. As much as we love our instant messaging and twittering. There is no comparison with a smile, a voice, a handshake