GooveShark Kicked out of Android Store

There has been alot of litigation happening and threatened litigation over YouTube and other sites where Google is defending their ability to generate income from user-generated content.

In that political environment, Google decided to pull the GrooveShark app from the Android Store. Unlike an iPhone or other iOS device, Android users can still download the GrooveShark Android App and use it without rooting, just not from the official Android store.

Until Spotify makes it to the states, this may be the only choice for those of us who want more control over our playlists than or Pandora give us.

SXSW Music Concerts

NPR has audio and video podcasts of not only this year, but many previous years’ artists on their site: All Songs Considered.

Jack White made a surprise visit and a parking lot performance a few days ago. He also introduces a new artist on his Third Man Records Label, Seasick Steve who blew me away.

There is an RSS feed of the releases of the podcasts.

I found this ethereal performance by experimental folk musician Julianna Barwick intriguing: