Android Security Application

With the recent rash of viruses and malware in the Android Market, more attention is being paid to the need to protect mobile devices. A recent free application is Lookout Mobile Security reviewed on InformationWeek . I have to say I am still partial to WaveSecure, winner of Software of the Year 2010. It does everything that Lookout does, with additional features including tracking, buddies and better updated virus information.

Full Disclosure: I am employed at McAfee who now owns WaveSecure.

Whichever app you decide on, it is obvious that people can no longer wait to get protection on their mobile devices. Not to be “Fox-ish”, but you may already be infected and should at the very least, download a free trial to ensure your device is not compromised.

Stop H-Commerce Hacker Documentaries

When I first started at McAfee, I was introduced to Stop H-Commerce and saw this video:

The concept of the site is to present how hacking has changed over the years, what criminals are doing and how they do it. It provides recommendations and ways for people, families and companies to protect themselves as well as help to identify and bring to justice those who are out to commit technological crime. Continue reading

Usability and Market Research Combined

Over the course of the last month, I did four focus groups exploring mental models and gathering conceptual feedback on how users wanted a company to present communication. This next month I will be doing something similar for another company where we will not only gather user expectations, but also determine if there is even a need for the product or an expectation of how that product would be presented.

I find that in the focus groups, more than any other type of usability research that marketing and market research, specifically are integrated into the questions, the responses and the analysis. Continue reading