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There has been alot of litigation happening and threatened litigation over YouTube and other sites where Google is defending their ability to generate income from user-generated content. In that political environment, Google decided to pull the GrooveShark app from the Android Store. Unlike an iPhone or other iOS device, Android users can still download the […]

I have been reviewing and using Android apps and have compiled a list of those that are not only still on my phone, but that I use regularly. If you have not tried these applications yet, I highly recommend them. Nearly all the applications I am recommending here are free. I will note if they […]

Google’s service will allow publishers to sell newspaper or magazine subscriptions through the Web or mobile devices, taking 10 percent of the revenue through its Google Checkout payment service. Apple said Tuesday that it would take 30 percent of subscription revenue from purchases made inside apps, although publishers can continue to sell subscriptions through other […]

In the midst of their Honeycomb announcements today, Google announced the brand new Android Market web site, which allows you to browse, search for, purchase, and manage Android apps for your phones (and tablets) right from your computer. It also allwos you to manage your phone, though only simple things for now (changing device names). […]