Rent vs Buy Interactive Map

On the Trulia site, there is a great interactive map that plots out median prices for renting and buying to help you make a decision without having to plot it all out and track the housing market and gives you pretty colors to look at as well.

San Francisco, LA & New York appear to be better for renting, but it is still better to buy in Oakland.

I am always interested in great infographics, (see Edward Tuft or Visual Complexity) or other posts. Especially when the information can help you actually make decisions.

Google Earth 4.3

I remember when I was so excited to use the Google Earth application before. To show students the world and have them explore. Then there was the rumblings about street view and satellite imagery. Now, this version 4.3 preview really brings it together in a tool that will make it possible to really get a feel for that far away French Riviera town that you and your partner want to get away to, or that your students want to see because it is a location in the book you’re reading.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]