$399 for an Open Mac

Psystar is now selling several “Open Computers” that you can get OS X Leopard or Tiger installed on. These are cheaper than even the least expensive Macs and are actually high end machines that you would likely pay around $2000 for if it came from Apple.

Is it legal?…I don’t know, but I’ve heard alot of talk about Apple not following the law when it comes to monopolies on their software. There is a good story in Information Week outlining the possible law suits that may come about.

Axure RP for Mac

While I am still a big fan of Omnigraffle for mock-ups and prototyping, I am aware of how cool Axure RP is and how it makes sense from an enterprise standpoint.

When I made the changeover to Macs about 3 years ago, I was disappointed that my Axure software could not follow me (I like to keep several tools in my toolbelt so I am ready to hit the ground running in any new contract)

Just today, I got the notification that Axure now has a Mac version of their design software

Its available for a free Trial download: