Usability and Market Research Combined

Over the course of the last month, I did four focus groups exploring mental models and gathering conceptual feedback on how users wanted a company to present communication. This next month I will be doing something similar for another company where we will not only gather user expectations, but also determine if there is even a need for the product or an expectation of how that product would be presented.

I find that in the focus groups, more than any other type of usability research that marketing and market research, specifically are integrated into the questions, the responses and the analysis. Continue reading

A Moment in Time

How is it that so much time can go by without even noticing? There was a time when I focused on my online identity multiple times during each day. I was posting news, photos, videos and observations all the time. Quite often I would be sure that the blog was updated with everything I was looking at and all the latest cool gadgetry.

Somehow, with the birth of my daughter and starting a large contract with Kaiser Permanente, I have moved away from this largely cathartic activity. I cannot let this happen and will be rejuvenating my blog life in upcoming months.