Sidestep. Free Mac Wifi Security

For those who are wary of using free wifi in public areas (everyone should be concerned); Sidestep is a free plugin for firefox that protects your surfing from prying eyes.

sidestep icon
When Sidestep detects you connecting to an unprotected wireless network, it automatically encrypts all of your Internet traffic and reroutes it through a secure connection to a server of your choosing, which acts as your Internet proxy. And it does all this in the background so that you don’t even notice it.

With Sidestep enabled, no one can eavesdrop on your traffic and impersonate you or see what you’re seeing as you browse the web.

You can download it here. Please donate to chetansurper to keep this software available.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem. No Rooting Required

One of the main motivations to root my phone is to get the “hot spot” functionality without the ridiculous price tag. Here is an option, originally posted on How To Geek, that may take that incentive away.

NOTE: I installed this software on my mac running snow leopard and my droid X (2.2) and it works amazing. My only complaint would be that I am still running on 3G & there is some delay on loading up all my homepages (though they do all load in under 1 minute).

I will also say that the Screencast works great too for monitoring phone calls, updates, etc as well as taking videos or screenshots of the phone. This all works even WITHOUT rooting the phone.

I feel like this exercise was a good first step and would highly recommend either tool.


If your cellular provider’s mobile hotspot/tethering plans are too pricey, skip them and tether your phone to your computer without inflating your monthly bill. Read on to see how you can score free mobile internet. Continue reading

Mobile Internet Trends 2011

A great compilation of data about the growth and impact of mobile has been Morgan Stanley Research’s Mobile Internet Report. Primary author of the report, Mary Meeker, is now with Kleiner Perkins and has released an updated version of the data including:

  • Global shipments of smartphones and tablets surpassed shipments of desktop PCs and notebooks in Q42010. This gap is expected to increase over the next few years.
  • 60% of time spent on smartphones is new activity for mobile users.
  • Global mobile data traffic should grow 26x over next 5 years.
  • Global mobile 3G subscribers grew 35% year over year and now number about 726MM.
  • Japan’s social networking site, Mixi, illustrates the importance of mobile: 85% of page views on mobile vs. 14% 4.5 years ago.
  • 50% of total active Twitter users are on multiple platforms (mobile) compared to 25% a year ago. 40% of all tweets are sent via mobile.
  • 50% of Pandora’s total user base subscribes to the service on mobile.
  • Check out the full report for more.