Head Tracking 3D VR Display with WiiRemote

Along with multi-screen games and mobile devices, this technology (which is really just reusing devices we already have) can be, literally, a game changer.

Johnny Chung Lee has done some amazing things with the Wii before; some of which I have posted about previously.  One of my favorites is the Low-Cost Multi-Point Interactive Whiteboard.

He keeps a YouTube page you can subscribe to.

Family Feud Unexpected Answers

I can’t believe that Family Feud is still on the air, but I guess the forum still provides an opportunity for laughs.

I found these others that are pretty entertaining, including from the original host, Richard Dawson totally losing his cool.

More Family Feud Bloopers

Virtual Game Study Proves Theory on How Humans Interact

I found an article discussing a study analyzing interactions between players in a virtual universe game has for the first time provided large-scale evidence to prove an 80 year old psychological theory called Structural Balance Theory. The research, published today in PNAS, shows that individuals tend to avoid stress-causing relationships when they develop a society, resulting in more stable social networks.