Fritz Mini

Fritz Mini

I have no idea how this slipped under my radar at the time. The unfortunate issue that may keep us from being truly excited here in the states about it is that it appears to only be 802.11g (not N).

With American’s love of high def video streaming and having more bandwidth than we need, this product as it stands isn’t going to fly.

That being said, the idea of all kinds of different media being provided to devices which just act as clients in the home seems like a cool idea.

German company AVM announced their new (in 2006) FRITZ! Mini. This handheld device combines a cordless phone and music player with an information service allowing you to view news, weather, and sports reports on the color display.

The handset will also alert you to incoming emails and text messages though how they accomplish the latter is a bit unclear.

See, the 802.11g WiFi enabled FRITZ!Box is the key, it acts as a base station and information hub for the Mini by streaming music, information, and both VoIP or fixed-line calls directly to the handset. It doesn’t appear though, that the !Box packs any storage it’s own damned self, but you can slip in a Memory Stick or connect any MP3 player with USB support for playback to the Mini.
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Gadgets for the Halloween Geek

Images and info found on Device Daily.

While I was looking around for fun music and accoutrement for Halloween, I stumbled upon these cool gadgets.

doll sharpener
1. Living Dead Dolls Pencil Sharpener

I’m pretty sure I would want this around every day of the year. I can also think of plenty of my friends that are sadistic and freaky enough to want to stab her eye all the time.

zombie light
2. Solar Powered Yard Light Zombie

Although the solar powered option makes it attractive to have out all the time, I’m not sure how well it would go with my garden. This might be one that only comes out each October.

coffin fogger
3. Coffin Fogger

The coffin comes with an included skeleton, and oozes color-changing mist by using tap water.

spooky shadows
4. Spooky Shadows Projector

I tried to make one of these before. Sometimes it is just easier to buy something, especially when the one you made doesn’t even work (the shadows were completely undecipherable).

ghost finder camera
5. Ghost Finder Camera

Now when you get those blurry photos, you can say, “Oh, that is just the murderer who haunts my house.”

pumpkin PC case
6. Pumpkin PC Case

It takes all kinds.

pumkin PC
7. Pumpkin PC

At least with the case, you can switch it out (to your Christmas Santa case, maybe.) With this one, you will be celebrating your Halloween nerdishness all year round!

ghost mouse
8. Ghost Mouse

While the decoration is kinda cool, I’m not so sure about the ergonomics of the shape. We must suffer for our geekdom.

pumpkin USB lights
9. USB Pumpkin Decor Light

Time to decorate the cubicle or your house with these lights that are powered through the USB.

USB Hub monster
10. USB Hub Monster

I think this one is my favorite, since it looks like it was made by a demented 5th grader.

My Work is Done for this Evening (morning)

I have been up all night working on Flex and just before heading off to get some shuteye (before my 8 am trek to work) I surfed the net and found that iPhones and iTouches haves already been hacked (before the SDK was even released!!!

this video was apparently found to be legitamate….