Top 10 Child Friendly YouTube Extras

Here are some great ways to to filter YouTube to make it safer for educational and child friendly viewing as well as some ways to edit YouTube videos.

Top 5 Ways to Make YouTube Viewing Safer for Kids

  1. YouTube: Safety Mode – This is a great new feature which is simple to use. By clicking on the safety mode button at the bottom left of a YouTube screen, it filters inappropriate words from comments and doesn’t allow inappropriate videos to be played.
  2. ViewPure – Nice way to remove comments and ads from YouTube video and easy to use. Also, can install a bookmarklet into your browser for convenience.
  3. Safe Share TV – Great site which generates a unique safe URL for viewing YouTube content.
  4. Silentube – Installs a bookmarklet in your browser to watch all YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo videos in peace.
  5. Vusafe – An excellent way for an educator to create a safe environment for students to watch videos. Continue reading