Tron Legacy

I find it sad to hear that the new Tron movie has been reviewed very poorly.

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I was really hoping for something better when I originally heard about the project (and blogged about it) nearly 3 years ago.

I still plan on seeing the movie. I mean, even those that hated it thought the special effects are worth it… Still, I was hoping that this would bring a resurgence into the franchise and allow us to move away from those ridiculous vampire movies.

Tron 2 Movie Trailer

tron poster

The original Tron was released in 1982 by Disney. It was well before its time in utilizing computer graphics and is widely considered the inspiration for movies like The Matrix and other CGI-heavy movies.

A sequel to the cult science-fiction movie Tron is under production under the direction of Joseph Kosinski. No official date yet for the release of Tron 2 but we may fairly expect if for 2010. Its exciting to see they have Jeff Bridges in the sequel, considering he was the hero in the first movie, although his motives seem to be a bit more sinister in the sequel.

This trailer is poor quality (looks like it was videoed at the Comic Con), but for those of us that weren’t there, this is the only way to see it right now.

Additional information about the project can be found here:

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