Why Don’t Usability Problems Get Fixed?

There are various reasons why usability problems exist in the first place—some simple and some complex. Identifying problems and recommending solutions is not always enough. Unfortunately, the same factors that cause problems in the first place also hinder their getting fixed. The following are some of the most common reasons why usability problems don’t get fixed.

  • Lack of Resources

o   No One Has the Skills to Fix Them
o   There Is a Lack of Time, Money, or Resources

  • Technical Limitations

o   Technical Limitations Make Changes Difficult
o   Vendor Software Is Difficult to Change Continue reading

Flash Catalyst Video Tour

All these new tools coming out of Adobe Labs! It is making it easier and easier for designers and developers to communicate easily with each other. My hope is that it will lead to better collaboration which brings better products for humans.

More information can be found on the Adobe Site (added since the video that used to be embedded was not working for some viewers)

This was the introduction Demo given by Kevin Lynch at Web 2.0 Expo 2009.

Apple iPhone 3.0 Software

iphone 3.0

Some invitations went out today (I still haven’t received mine, Jobs!) for the March 17th conference in Cupertino to talk about the latest iPhone software and SDK that will be released.

The 2.0 software release about a year ago hailed in the flood of third party applications that made the app store a primary destination for all us iPhone and iPod Touch enthusiasts.

See my iPhone free game reviews.

Apple seems to have been focusing more on hardware rather than software this last year (or so we thought). There is little information about what this new update will entail, and we can probably not expect Steve Jobs to host it, as he still remains on medical leave.

Adobe Offers Flex2 to Educators for Free

I was invited to a user’s group at Adobe last night. They served us beer, sandwiches, pizza, etc.. Then we were wowed by a discussion of the new products coming out, including Flex3, AIR, CS3, Thermo and others. These are generally development tools for applications, websites, and project management.

I hope to be a part of how these exciting products are developed, deployed and re-designed.

In preparation for the conference, I had downloaded Flex2 to mess around with. I was intrigued by the notice that it was free ($499 value) to educators. For those that qualify (teachers/staff) you can apply at the Adobe site.

A detailed article is at Campus Technology