Time to probe corruption in Oakland City Hall

Here I was, thinking that the city of Oakland has been doing a great job ‘cleaning up the streets’ and improving our quality of life. This most recent gang sting, ‘Operation Nutcracker’ is now muddled by corruption. Not on the streets, or in big business, but in the police, city hall and even the mayor’s office.

The saddest part is, that our attorney general, Jerry Brown, was the one that hired our offending city administrator, Deborah Edgerly, I am not sure that there will be impetus enough to oust her.
Mrs. Edgerly has surrounded herself with people (police, attorneys, city workers) who owe her their jobs and have been involved in kick-backs and other nefarious practices so that the whole organization is in a sink or swim situation. They’ll circle the wagons before throwing the book at anyone.
This requires some civic pride and state intervention.
The article, written by an Oaklander appears here in the SF Gate

link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2008/06/24/BAV811DSGR.DTL