Hillary Clinton Urged to Quit in Puerto Rico

My friend, Greg Mazzeo has been living in Puerto Rico the last year and sent me an email this weekend that said,

So… We were on our way home from the store and we live at the end of a narrow road with no outlet (17°59’18.30″N / 66°42’49.43″W). Our street is blocked and there is about 50 cops milling about, a satellite dish, and some people. WTF! I say. We park the car and walk home with our groceries. Along the way we pass one of the two restaurants on our street and guess who is having lunch? Thats right, its Hillary. Like a spider sensing a fly caught in my web I hurry home to make a sign. QUIT. We go back and she begins talking, blowing the usual smoke up peoples’ asses. QUIT. She looks right at me and my simple sign and then quickly away. QUIT. Afterward, as she is glad handing the natives, I got really close for a few minutes. Close enough to touch her, had I thought it wise. That was cool. There was a bunch of press, with their cameras and tape recorders and notepads, and what do you know?, they want to interview me?, they want my picture? OK, I guess I could tell you what I think. I guess I could pose with my sign. QUIT.

I haven’t found the pictures on the web yet, but here is an article about her stop with a reference to me: http://www.primerahora.com/noticia/politica/noticias/blindada_visita_de_clinton_al_sur/193991

The pertinent part:

Pero, no todos estaban de acuerdo. Con un letrero que leía “Quit” (renuncia), Greg Mazzeo expresó su disgusto con la insistencia de Clinton en continuar en la lucha primarista. “La única forma que puede ganar la nominación es fracturando en dos al Partido Demócrata, si sigue habrá, no te diría una guerra civil interna pero va a quedar muy dividido y destruido”, dijo el ciudadano procedente de California. Opinó que Obama ha probado que tiene el favor electoral y no es necesario continuar con el debate dentro de ese partido.

And translated:

But not everyone agreed. With a sign that read “Quit”, Greg Mazzeo expressed his displeasure with Clinton’s insistence on continuing the primary fight. “The only way that she can win the nomination is by splitting Democratic Party in half. If she continues, there won’t be an internal civil war but its going to be very divided,” said the citizen from California. He believed that Obama has proven that he has the delegate advantage and there is no need to continue the debate within the party.


I hope she quits soon.

Keep up the good work, Greg and we’ll see our party eventually get focused and send Obama to the Whitehouse.

I felt that the story should be shared. If you look at the Primera Hora website, there are several comments on the story that tell us that our brethren in Puerto Rico feel the same as the Obama supporters here in the contiguous US.