Jailbreaking My Apple TV 2Gen

What I thought was going to be a fairly straightforward task has turned out to be a comedy of errors and alot of frustration.

I have tried using Greenpois0n RC6, pwnage, & seas0nPass. I had issues with all of them and never got farther than a tethered boot with seas0nPass that gave me a blank screen. I was able to restore the ATV2 to factory settings so that is good. Continue reading

Getting All the Parts to Work Together

Like most things in life, the proof is in the action.

People judge themselves by their intentions, and are judged by others by their actions.

Like other early adopters. I scan the net and do my best to know a little something (just enough to get myself in trouble) about all the new toys to keep a finger on the proverbial pulse.

Sometimes it is simple consumerism, full of memes, cult status videos and images (a great source I recently found is Urlesque. WARNING it is a time waster!)

But other times, and here is where I am having some trouble, it is a matter of finding out that there are technology add-ons, code snippets or cutting edge ideas that can make something “easier”…but its a matter of climbing the learning curve, which often means overcoming bugs.

The downside of wanting to try things out before others is that we become perennial beta testers. We find the bugs, we get frustrated so others don’t have to.

My most recent adventures in free beta testing:


WP to Twitter feed

SimpleNet (getting it to work with Snow Leopard)


and as always, Google Labs

The original reason for posting this article is to verify I have ‘fixed’ the WP to Twitter plugin. If not, well… I guess I have more fodder for my bug report.