XBMC 11 Beta Released

I’ve been jailbreaking my Apple TV2 essentially from the day I got it. My family and I use two main features on it:

Netflix streaming and XBMC.

If you are not familiar with it, this add-on available either as an install via zip or using the ATV Flash (Black) makes your Apple TV into a streaming powerhouse that allows you to access nearly all television content like a DVR. XBMC works on nearly any OS and has been in development for years.

The beta version of XBMC 11 has now been released. Version 11 “Eden” adds lots of new features and improvements to the open source home theater software for both Mac and Windows. See more after the break Continue reading

Cyanogen Mod 7 for Droid X in Beta

For those who are aware of the Rooting community on Android, you know that the CyanogenMod ROMs tend to be some of the best. Unfortunately, due to the locked bootloaders (which means you can’t change the KERNEL .. which means you’re limited to customization to the phone) in the Motorola phones, we have not had the pleasure of Cyanogen modifications for the Droid X….Until now.

As of 2 days ago, there is a Beta out for CM7 for the Droid X.

Additionally, P3Droid using the software from Team Black Hat have created a simple one-step process for loading CM7 onto your phone that includes the sbf process (sbf tutorial) as well. This means that regardless of your custom ROM, kernel or version, you can install this.

I have really found DMX’s videos about customizing the Droid X to be useful and he goes over CM7 installation here:

Getting All the Parts to Work Together

Like most things in life, the proof is in the action.

People judge themselves by their intentions, and are judged by others by their actions.

Like other early adopters. I scan the net and do my best to know a little something (just enough to get myself in trouble) about all the new toys to keep a finger on the proverbial pulse.

Sometimes it is simple consumerism, full of memes, cult status videos and images (a great source I recently found is Urlesque. WARNING it is a time waster!)

But other times, and here is where I am having some trouble, it is a matter of finding out that there are technology add-ons, code snippets or cutting edge ideas that can make something “easier”…but its a matter of climbing the learning curve, which often means overcoming bugs.

The downside of wanting to try things out before others is that we become perennial beta testers. We find the bugs, we get frustrated so others don’t have to.

My most recent adventures in free beta testing:


WP to Twitter feed

SimpleNet (getting it to work with Snow Leopard)


and as always, Google Labs

The original reason for posting this article is to verify I have ‘fixed’ the WP to Twitter plugin. If not, well… I guess I have more fodder for my bug report.