Displaying Complex Information Visually


In the same vein as the conference that Edward Tufte did in SF, I am constantly amazed by the ability of scientists and designers to display complex interactive information in ways that are understandable as well as dynamic.

Chack out the visualcomplexity site.

Edward Tufte in SF

Edward Tufte book images

I am registered for the Dec. 8 course and am looking forward to meeting Edward Tufte as well as pick his brain on Interaction Design, graphs, charts, data and statistics.

I highly recommend going to see him in SF, San Jose, Austin or Houston. At the very least, take a look at his books which are indispensable if you deal with information.

Morocco Web Design Index Mock Up

This redesign utilized web 2.0 architecture, skins, PHP and css to give it a new feel and interactive features to rejuvenate interest in web design for all the students who originally used it as a portal to show their own work.

This website was originally from 1999 and was hard coded with tables, as well as distracting wallpaper, poorly defined structure and mismatched icons.

Here is an example of the original web design