Designing Apps for Google TV

Here are some resources from Google I/O 2011 for those developers who were not able to attend. the SECOND link works well and has a downloadable PDF that hits on the key considerations when designing your killer living room app.

Building Android Apps for Google TV

Three Layers of Mobile User Experience

An interesting way to break down the user experience with mobile devices based on elements of the device and how the user interacts with each.

Three Layers of Mobile User Experience :: UXmatters.

iPhone App Helps Blind Identify Money

Technology should provide ways to make our lives easier. I believe that if we can help level the playing field and reduce the amount of time people have to come up with workarounds, then we are moving in the right direction.

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New Web Based Android Market

The New Web-Based Android Market Is Up

In the midst of their Honeycomb announcements today, Google announced the brand new Android Market web site, which allows you to browse, search for, purchase, and manage Android apps for your phones (and tablets) right from your computer.

It also allwos you to manage your phone, though only simple things for now (changing device names).

I’m sure they will add additional functionality later, but you can check the site out right now by heading to You can browse the Market just fine, and whatever issue they had previously with signing in appears to be fixed, since I was able to log in and manage my apps.