Designing Apps for Google TV

Here are some resources from Google I/O 2011 for those developers who were not able to attend. the SECOND link works well and has a downloadable PDF that hits on the key considerations when designing your killer living room app.

Building Android Apps for Google TV

Dozens of Infected Apps Pulled From Android Market

Please be aware of what you are downloading and ensure you are keeping your phone safe.
DroidDream Returns, Dozens of Infected Apps Pulled From Android Market.

Here is a full (updated 6/1/2011) list of infected applications by publisher. ensure you have not downloaded them. Continue reading

5 Days Until Android Premiere

android image
The much-hyped (ripe for disappointment) Android operating system from Google is set to release on a new T-Mobile phone developed by HTC on September 23rd. The overwhelming popularity of the iPhone and the 3rd party applications from their iTunes App Store has led Google to follow a similar path in allowing developers to create mobile applications that they will offer through a similar Android Market.
Google specifically decided to call it a ‘Market’ as opposed to a store, since they will not be restricting developers in their content, nor will they take the 30% cut that Apple takes for all the applications offered on their App Store site.
Announcement on Information Week