The biggest mistakes you can do on Facebook pages

The biggest mistakes you can do on Facebook pages image

Check the common mistakes which you should avoid doing on your Facebook Page

These are great recommendations for companies that have a Facebook page. I would say there are suggestions that everyone should follow for their social networks. It was originally posted on

Today, we are going to analyze a touchy topic – mistakes that companies most often do on their Facebook Pages, and go into the details of them. This list of most common mistakes should give you a better idea of how to post on your Facebook Page. They are not ordered by importance.

1. Post too many times a day on Facebook

This could be also represented as spamming their Facebook fans which shouldn’t be done by any means.

Posting too many times a day should be different for brands and media companies.
The recommended average of posting would be once a day for a brand (or 2 – 3 times exceptionally if you have a very good announcement).

For media companies, the threshold that fans can endure is much bigger, typically in the range of 6 – 12 posts per day. Continue reading

New Tools for Visualizing Information

Visualization of Obama’s Inaugural Speech. You are able to interact and adjust the visualization, not just a static image.

This is just one of many visualizations available on the IBM Many Eyes site.
I am intrigued with the dynamic abilities of programs and powerful computers to integrate and display complex relational databases as well as simpler data sets. There are many resources for doing this including, Google analytics, tweetstats, and others.

Data is king, but recently it is also about how you presetn your data. I recently went to an Edward Tufte seminar in San Francisco. He spoke about  how to present information in ways that were engaging and intelligent. I wrote more about his course as well as his website in this blog entry.