Mobile Phone Next Steps

Apple’s contract is confirmed for a 5 year exclusivity (iPhones only on AT&T until 2012).

There has been this constant buzzing & chatter about iPhones on Verizon since Jobs blessed the early adopters with his mobile golden egg.

As always, these rumors continue although as recently as a week ago, with the release of iOS4 and AT&T’s ‘free’ or discounted upgrades to the iPhone4, the industry reads into it more possibility that a CDMA version or alternative iPhone will be made available to Verizon customers.

It was on that article that I was introduced to the idea of LTE. Now, I have heard of 4S, the next progression from 3G, but hadn’t really thought about what it could mean in terms of technology. This actually sounds exciting and it looks as thought the technology will be adopted by all the major carriers.

This means that regardless of your carrier, or even your phone, your upload and download speeds should increase exponentially.