Tron Legacy

I find it sad to hear that the new Tron movie has been reviewed very poorly.

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I was really hoping for something better when I originally heard about the project (and blogged about it) nearly 3 years ago.

I still plan on seeing the movie. I mean, even those that hated it thought the special effects are worth it… Still, I was hoping that this would bring a resurgence into the franchise and allow us to move away from those ridiculous vampire movies.

Examples of New HTML5 Features

People are already revisiting  and polishing up their HTML skills because of the exciting possibilities of  HTML5.

Here are some great examples originally posted on Webification.

The new HTML5 provides some interesting features that allow designers to enhance and boost their creativity. The new useful tags will replace many of typical div entries from code, the new canvas support allows you to create fantastic animations without using Flash, etc.

In this post I have collected 15 examples of what we can do with HTML5 and its potentials. Some of these examples work with the support of Javascript but they show how it’s easy to replace Flash with HTML5.

1. How we’ll create forms in HTML5

HTML5 contains new interesting input fields that enable us to perform our work and save much time. In this post we can study in deep the new input fields and all their features.


2. Learning About HTML5 Local Storage

This video tutorial shows how to build a simple to-do list with local storage. HTML5′s local storage is a new functionality which we can save data in browsers even the browser is refreshed or closed.


3. Wave motion

This experiment, made by Hakim el Hattab, makes a wave motion rendered using the canvas element. Each bubble holds a tweet with the word water in it. Clicking on them we can read the tweets.


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3D Superbowl XLIII

superbowl xliii

There are alot of tech-heavy inventions that are just for this year’s Superbowl and Endgadget has a whole list of them. While these are great, I find myself most interested in how the 3D technology I saw at CES this year will be utilized and advertised to the masses.

It seems that Dreamworks will be doing the first network TV 3D commercial for their upcoming Monsters vs Aliens movie (trailer). This will require that you have the 3D glasses (available at most grocery stores and other outlets).

While this is ‘neat’ I was really hoping that we would be able to see the game in 3D without glasses, as was shown by Fox at CES this year. They even have newer technology as shown by Mitsubishi.

While I am sure that there will be some improvement over the old cyan style glasses of the past, I am afraid that Joe public will find the experience to be kitschy and unimpressive. When spending millions of dollars on an advertisement that will be seem by hundreds of millions of people around the world, why not go all out with the best technology available? I mean, I understand that they had a tough time even selling all the ad time for the Superbowl (for the first time in history- Recession, anyone?) Isn’t that even more of a reason to really try to get people’s attention?

Spatial Integration of UI

There have been many implementations of gestural interactions with computers and data.

Oblong has g-speak

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Microsoft Surface

Indeed, the hippest phone around, the iPhone is exciting mostly (and arguably) because it provides the ability to interact with information more realistically and naturally.

What we are missing is the ability of the information to then respond back realistically. Haptic feedback is the missing piece.

There are some attempts that are promising. we have had video game controllers that move and shake when you fire your gun or crash your car. This was taken to the next level at this year’s CES by D-Box. Their new Motion Control Chairs work with games, and Blue-Ray discs to provide an immersive experience.

There are game vests that use compressed air to make you feel the experience and 3D glasses to see the information more realistically.

We’ve tried holograms, but even the big splash on CNN was not real.

We need to bring all these aspects together so we can start having the experiences of the HoloDeck from Star Trek. I want to completely escape reality. Make my Second Life like my first life. Meat space is overrated, don’t you think?

Best of CES 2009

best of CES

While Innovations (for whom I was a judge) has their choices of the ‘Best of CES 2009’ I have my own choices that may or may not agree with them. they are my personal biases about what will be most useful and/or fun for me to use.

I was able to meet quite a few of the designers and talk about the developments they have been working on as well as what will be coming over the coming year.

Great HD technologies for 2009, including thin, thin thin TVs, wireless HD streaming to every monitor in your house, integrated blue-ray players, faster refresh rates and better standards for the larger screens (33″ and up).

NVidia’s 3D glasses and Fox’s Digital 3D transmission of the Florida Oklahoma football game. These technologies are going to bring 3D as a reality to people’s homes very soon. Playing video games with the NVidia’s goggles was quite an experience.

1 or 2 terabyte micro SD card from, who else? SanDisk. Remember when it was a big deal to have 128 MEGABYTES in yor whole computer? (Commodore 64….anyone? am I too old to report on these things?)

Suffice it to say that with all the talk of there not being as many people or exhibitors at this conference, there were plenty of exciting concepts and products to keep the average consumer drooling for the next year and beyond.

Now take those proof of concepts and make it available and affordable.