Store Basket Usability Opportunity

The biggest tool I use for my job trying to figure out what people need and how they use products is my power of observation.
Sometimes it is hard to figure out the nuances of people’s behavior and what they say their wants are. Ideo tried to improve the shopping cart but those are, sadly, not being incorporated in our trips to the stores.
But sometimes, the truth and the need is right in front of your face.
These shoppers aren’t dumb, the user is never wrong! What I see here is that people find it easier to leave the baskets on the ground. It all makes sense to me. Think about how annoying it would be if you had to carry your belongings through the airport.
We have had roller cases for quite some time; why wouldn’t we apply this to our consumer brick & norther shopping?
Target Shoppers using their baskets “wrong”

2 thoughts on “Store Basket Usability Opportunity

  1. The “cart” pictured is not actually a cart. The point is that she is using the basket rack as a makeshift handle because she feels it’s easier than carrying the basket. I’m pointing out that people’s workarounds indicate a usability need.

  2. I’ve not used these low riding baskets at Target, but did encountered them in a grocery store in Cancun, Mexico. At the time, I chalked the inconvenience of having to bend down every time I placed a glass bottle unto the basket as a price I had to pay for culture shock. Now that I see this is some kind of engineer with too much time on her/his hands who probably never goes shopping in a grocery store, I relinquish my need to be politically and cross-culturally correct and state emphatically, “I think this is a really bad idea!”

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