Spinning Head

so this weekend was fun. spending time with my nephews at the Exploratorium where I also saw one of my old students who now works there! We also went out to see a movie, as well as teaching them the finer points of Guitar Hero.

They left to brave the elements in what was hyped to be a huge storm; but really was just rain with a little extra wind.

Yesterday and today have been work-filled and I have my plate extremely full with several presentations and server administrative tasks heaped upon me. I’m actually really excited about most of it and want to do my best to stay current with all that they want.

The only thing I would complain about is that I have now been working on a contract for 2 months and have yet to get paid. I am not saying that I WON’T get paid… but it is somewhat difficult to float this long when just getting started…know what I mean?

Any suggestions about this? I have an iron-clad signed contract, so that is not the issue, but it is a matter of their accounts payable division actually getting to my invoice and mailing it out…

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  1. Two months without getting paid on a new contract?


    I’d talk talk with some of the other contract workers and ask how the pay worked out for them when they first started. Depending on their response, I’d visit the HR department regularly to seek equal treatment.

    Good luck!!!

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