Skype 5.0 Usability Sucks

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Patrick Neeman writes the top 5 reasons why the new Skype (for Mac) is worse than previous versions. 5 Reasons Skype for Mac Sucks.

I have to agree with everything he writes. In fact, in my personal use of Skype, I talk with people who are using a PC and I am flummoxed as to how to instruct them when they ask for help since the interfaces are so different. Why would that be? and why are the controls so non-intuitive? In fact, Skype seems to have doent he OPPOSITE of good interaction design with this version.

With so many users, one would think that they would have plenty of feedback to help make the newer versions of the application even easier… not harder to use.

All that being said, Skype still does a better job thanĀ  Google Video Chat, which is still suffering from lukewarm reviews.

2 thoughts on “Skype 5.0 Usability Sucks

  1. It became that user-unfriendly since Microsoft got its fingers in it and acquired it for 8.5 billion $ and now the developer is “Microsoft Skype Division”!

  2. “The Contact List Is Over-Complicated” — What’s worst is that it messes with the order in which I had chats sorted. Habituation killed in one fell stroke. Such a basic usability gaffe is unforgivable, IMO.

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