Portfolio Pieces Added to the Site

bad google

I have been a fan of Google and continue to enjoy many of their fine products.

That being said, I had to move my sites from their hosting services as things were too difficult to have and keep creative control over. They changed the nameservers all the time and put up additional advertising and other links that were causing some trouble.

Now I have moved all my domains over to Go Daddy. I have simplified everything by having them all point to the same pages (for now). [updated 7/25/2010]I have also decided to utilize WordPress templates and plugIns to simplify my life. I find that as I focus more on testing and UCD business strategy, I am wanting to spend less and less time on web design and content management.

While the layout is simple and I have not included any of my Flash or Flex interactivity, I have uploaded some of the newer portfolio pieces and would appreciate any feedback about the new colors.

I will be adding additional graphics to the pages at a later time, but I felt the content was important to get up first.

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