Please test your site for usability

It is amazing to me, as a usability researcher, that there are still companies that do not test their sites for usability.

While I know that hiring professional usability researchers may be out of the budget for some smaller companies, it is possible (and highly recommended) that you they at least put their designs in front of a few users and fix the basics.

Steve Krug, who wrote, Don’t Make Me Think”, still standard reading for designers, web developers & usability professionals, has written another book.¬† It is essentially a companion book to his first, very successful book on usability . While the first book focused on design, this new book is all about testing.

Rocket Surgery Made Easy“Rocket Surgery Made Easy” explains just how easy it is to do usability testing on your own.

I highly recommend it for those who think that usability testing is too difficult or too expensive and so end up putting your website out there with all the horrible problems that make the internet difficult to navigate and information hard to find.

While this book does lay out all the things that designers and web developers would need to do the testing themselves, I am not concerned that we usability  specialists will lose much work, as there are still plenty of more difficult usability issues, often related to enterprise websites as well as internal applications that will require larger tests as well as in depth studies that Steve Krug does not cover in this book.

There is a companion website for the book with additional downloads and videos.

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