Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!

This year marks the 3rd time in as many years that I have been involved in…and frustrated by, the process of defining, designing, testing, refining and providing patterns for use in an organization.

The task is not the most glamorous, but is essential in providing consistent and (hopefully) usable features, designs and interactions for an application or website.

I will not bore my readers with the trials & tribulations of iteration after iteration of changes, feature creep, special circumstances, alterations and exceptions that always come with these.

What I think is more useful are public examples of good design pattern libraries. The key is to make them clear, available, well defined.

Any discussions and decisions that are made by the teams are transparent and open to continual improvement. If the consumers of these patterns are not clear why a decision is made and in what situations they should use them in…They won’t use them correctly or not at all.

Here are some that I think work well:

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