Obama's Tax Calculator

While I understand that there may be a political charge to the calculator, as well as questions as to the validity of the results, there is no denying the simple usability of Obama’s Tax Calculator.

The Obama campaign continues to utilize the web with grace and style. It brings McCain’s technological retardation in to sharp relief.
For more info about Obama’s Tax plan you can read this PDF; Barack Obama’s Tax Plan.
Additionally, there is a comparison between Obama and McCain’s Tax Plans.

0 thoughts on “Obama's Tax Calculator

  1. I am confident that McCain has nothing left. Regardless of his ‘closing attempts’, Obama has out played him these last 3 months and the proof will be on Tuesday afternoon when Obama’s lead will be insurmountable. I predict a landslide for all Democrats this year.

    Now what they will DO with that landslide (in the House of Representatives and the House of White) I hope will be beneficial to us all.

  2. very useful and interesting calculator. I do not think Obama has been sufficiently putting his tax plan out in in his closing arguments as McCain runs his non-stop slash and burn, and same old “tax and spend liberal” attacks in the media in the closing hours of the campaign. I pray Obama’s ending ground game in enough to overcome McCain’s sleaze.

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