Nielsen and Norman Weigh in on Gestural UI

As usual, our usability leaders have shown a light on the shortcomings of the latest user interfaces.

I don’t necessarily take these reviews as an admonition of all that is gestural, but as cautionary tales for designers moving forward.

Jakob Nielsen, Kinect Gestural UI: First Impressions

Don Norman, Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability

One thought on “Nielsen and Norman Weigh in on Gestural UI

  1. Brilliant post Guiseppe! Thanks for this useful inmirfatoon User testing has suggested that people are used to scrolling now but its always good to hear it from different sources. I am glad that we can leave 90s web design practices where they belong. This is not to suggest that it isn’t worth considering placements of call to actions for example when designing layouts. Providing there are visual clues that more inmirfatoon appears below or at the very least the page has not ended, it’s safe to design without cramming everything in to the top 600px now.

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