New Personalized Favicon

I played music late at John’s and then got home and worked late as well.

I never seem to be able to get away from tweaking the websites. After I was done working, I started thinking how much I like the favicons and that I really need to have them on my sites..

Tonight I made a favicon for the website, as well as a redirect for people so they don’t go to that ugly homepage that Google is making me use. It is not elegant, but it does the trick.

The favicon also was giving me trouble because Google has their own favicon they want me to use, so I can’t use the default ‘favicon’ name and I have to define it in each page

Regardless, it is up now and if you clear the cache in your browser, it should come up for you and even work on your bookmarks (because, of course, you have bookmarked my page!)

Please let me know if it doesn’t so I can get the bugs out.

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  1. A favicon (short for ‘favorites icon’), also known as a website icon, a page icon or an urlicon, is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. A web designer can create such an icon, and many recent web browsers can then make use of them. Browsers that support favicons may display them in the browser’s URL bar, next to the site’s name in lists of bookmarks, and next to the page’s title in a tabbed document interface. More details can be found at Wikipedia.

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