New Glue Could make Microprocessors 1000x More Powerful

IBM and 3M are working on a new type of adhesive to glue computer processors together into stacks. If they can make it happen, this could mean an entirely new generation of chips which are a thousand times more powerful than anything we have now. See the video after the break.

IBM and 3M are partnering up to solve the cooling problem using a new type of heat-conducting adhesive to make stacked chips like a layer cake. Each layer will be separated by 3M’s adhesive, which will both bond the “silicon skyscraper” (as they’re calling it) together, and also carry heat away from the inside of the brick to the edges, where it can be cooled more effectively.

By stacking a hundred chips and then tying them all together with integrated memory and networking, IBM says that they’ll be able to “create a computer chip 1,000 times faster than today’s fastest microprocessor.”

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